1. What payment methods do you accept?

Answer: We offer support for Bank, PayPal, and Stripe for our international users. For Bangladeshi users, we support bKash and Bank. If you prefer any other payment method, feel free to contact us.

2. Is it possible to change plans?

Answer: Absolutely, you can change your plan at any time. Upon making the switch, your current subscription will be promptly cancelled.

3. Can I cancel my subscription?

Answer: Yes, you have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time. You will retain access to the features you've paid for until the conclusion of your billing cycle.

4. What happens when my subscription expires?

Answer: Upon expiration of your subscription, access to all subscription features will be discontinued.

5. What's the difference between 'Light Scan' and 'Deep Scan'?

Answer: In Light Scan, you can run basic and intermediate level automated scans for SEO, Security, and Performance. For Deep Scan, advanced and comprehensive scans with manual inspection are performed by our security experts. They manually check your site using various paid SEO and security tools, providing a detailed report afterward.

6. What's the difference between 'Basic Monitoring (24/7)' and 'Advanced Monitoring (24/7)'?

Answer: Basic Monitoring checks your site's status and run basic Malware/Virus scan automatically and sends instant updates for any detected problems. Advanced Monitoring, in addition to automated status checks, monitors for malware or virus related issues and more, offering instant notifications upon detection. You can also set the frequency of manual deep scans and receive weekly or monthly reports with the advanced option. The 24/7 means it's fully automated, with constant automatic checks on your site.

7. What does "Manual Problem Solving" mean?

Answer: "Manual Problem Solving" refers to the process wherein our expert team meticulously investigates and resolves issues identified on your website. Suppose you've enrolled your site in our monitoring system, allowing us to track its uptime, SEO performance, and security status. Additionally, either you or we conduct regular scans of your site. Following these scans, numerous errors and issues may surface. If you lack expertise in addressing these issues, our team steps in to resolve them. We manually scrutinize your site on a regular basis, identifying and rectifying any problems that arise. With our assistance, you won't need to intervene in any technical matters.

8. What are multi-page scan features?

Answer: Multi-Page Scan allows you to scan multiple pages simultaneously. All you have to do is use 'sitemap'. It's very simple: just provide your URL's sitemap, and our system will run a scan on all the included pages.

9. What is 'Unrestricted Details' features?

Answer: In certain aspects of SEO, Performance, and Security, a deeper understanding of details is crucial to pinpointing exact issues. For instance, if our scanner identifies a missing security header on your site, knowing the specific absent header is essential for resolution. With the 'Free' plan, you can observe that your site has a missing security header, but the exact details remain obscured – referred to as 'Restricted Details.' Upgrading to any of our paid plans provides 'Unrestricted Details,' allowing you to effortlessly view every missing and present header. Features like in-page links, inline CSS, deferred JavaScript, unsafe cross-origin links, Nmap Scanner, Security Headers, and more require a paid plan or 'Unrestricted Details' for comprehensive insights.

10. What is 'Branded reports'?

Answer: 'Branded Reports' feature enables you to customize reports with your brand name, logo, website URL, and phone number when printing or saving as a PDF.

11. What is 'White-label reports'?

Answer: 'White-label Reports' allow you to remove our or any website’s logo and brand name when printing a report or saving it as a PDF.

12. What is your 'API' feature?

Answer: Our API feature lets you start your scanner platform or business effortlessly using our API endpoint. It allows automation of tasks and provides opportunities for generating income without additional requirements.

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